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Rummy tricks are very  useful if you want to excel in this game and basics. Also tips of this game will help in advancing you easily. The most popular rummy card game is 13 cards with a is a little different from the original game of rummy. the  winning of rummy game is mainly  depends upon the making sets or sequence of  cards.

In this game you need to create at least a one pure sequence of sets. For instance  6,7,8,9 of the same suit. Although this game is not very .easy but you can learn the basics of this game very easily if you have heart and soul interest in this game.Below is some tips and tricks if you want to be successful in this game.the tips are as follows



1. Arrange the cards properly in a sequence or by set


What is most important in this game is arrange the cards in hand properly in a sequence so you don’t get confused. This is a trick that will  lead you in  making the sets and sequence of cards.if you keep the cards in proper suits it will be of much advantage to you and will also help in keeping an eye on you opponent.try to keep diamond and spades close to each other or you can remember the sequence of suit as spade-heart-club-diamond or heart-spade-club-diamond.the best option that you can use is a suit combination of black and red cards arrangement so that you can keep clear of discarding card.and it will help you in throwing the card that is not in use for you instead of the one that you doesn’t want to discard.discarding a card that you doesn’t want means increasing the chance of your opponent to win the game.



2. Keep noticing your opponents what card they are selecting or discarding


Always keep an eye on the card selection of your opponent and  it is also important to have a close look on what card they are discarding. It will help you in taking the game away from your opponent. And if you don’t follow this trick it will indirectly increase the chances of win to your opponent.



3. Reduce the points much as possible


Rummy is enjoyed the people of all age group as it is a social game and basically a  point of games. So it becomes very much important in this game to reduce the points and you can do it by discarding the cards that has high value first and it will also reduce the score burden up on you. While discarding the cards keep in  mind that the card you are discarding is of no use to your opponent otherwise it will increase the chances of winning of your opponent.

Rummy is typically a game of tips and tricks. So afar from all above doing a fast calculations and noticing the cards discarded by your opponent  in your mind will exceedingly  help you to turn the game in your favor.