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For a rummy player it is always better to find a room where he can get continuous bonus, promotions and some attractive tournaments regularly. There are not so many rooms which can offer you a chance like this. Classic rummy is one of these rare rooms where you can get regularly some reasons to celebrate. Wether it’s a time for any festival, celebration or any special moment classic rummy offers you something new to play rummy for real cash and earn rewards.
Playing rummy online can increase one’s pleasure if he continuously gets support from his rummy room. Especially when it comes to Indian classic rummy it is known best to celebrate all important days in calendar year like dussehra, Holi, Diwali or its time to enjoy your favorite sports. This time also classic rummy is giving you a chance to double your entertainment along with IPL.  From 18 April to till the end of IPL you can enjoy best rummy games with attractive prizes.
On a day when your team has won a match or is almost to win you can also get a chance to win some real cash prizes. Not only at that moment but also in whole tournament you can get a chance to win some great rewards daily. Every day you have a chance to try 2 times in a day in this special IPL tourney. You can play here at 8’c clock and 10 pm every day. Entries are free but only a premium player can take advantage of it. Also there is a limit of 500 players each time. Only first 500 players can entertain and win cash prizes playing rummy online.
An important feature of this tourney is no of players, total prize money and timing will be same throughout week. You can get a chance to win a total of 2000 Rs daily. So a player who likes to play IPL tourney can convert his account to premium and enjoy. It will not only help winning real cash prizes but also you can have many other advantages as well.