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Are you interested in playing gin rummy online, but don’t know much about this game? If you are really interested you are at right place. It is very popular games played between two players or more players some time know as gin. It is a popular card game in which players makes different moves when they get a chance.  This helps in winning points that is very important to decide game. Objective of this game is to gain maximum points through a series of games usually maximum points is 100.
If you see gin rummy as a combination of poker and rummy it’s true. As the melding structure or sequence of cards one can see here is same with poker and rummy. To play gin rummy a deck of 52 cards is used while jokers are left out. This game starts with dealing of 10 cards to each player and rest cards are kept on table in a pile. When cards are dealt with all players get a turn to pick a card sequentially while the card that is not needed in a hand is discarded. Here you have choice to pick a card either from a pile of left cards or from the piles of discarded cards.
This is basic structure of rummy game as well and you can find it easily in all other versions of rummy as well.  Here you need to form a set or run. Main aim of game is form sets or runs as quick as possible so you can be ahead from other players.  Best example of a suit is 3 queens, 4 aces. If you have 3 or 4 cards having same value but t different suit is called set. On other side if you have a card in sequence with same suit but different value is called run. 3, 4, 5 or J, Q, K, A of any same suit is called run.
Besides this for a beginner tips, rules and strategies are other important things that he should know before one start playing for real money. For this you can practisice more and more before you become a gin rummy pro. There are also lots of players who know the game very well but playing Rummy Online is different.  When it comes to online tournament s gin rummy is great source. Every time you look for playing gin rummy you can see lots of tournaments running rummy for cash altogether with lot of other attractive prizes as well.