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Rummy is a game of cards played using decks, depending up on the no of players and by making the sets and sequence of cards. It is a most popular game is that played by  the people of all age groups and more then 2 players.

There are lots of differences in the theories and opinions in the professionals of this game upon history of this game. There are lots of theories about the existence of this game. What most people believe is  This game is originated in United states of America.sai rummy, standard rummy, basic rummy  and traditional rummy are  some of the alternative name of this game. Lets discuss the theories describing the history of this game one by one


1. Conquian Theory

It is  the earliest theory of rummy describing the history of this game. And this theory was  named up on the game of that time known as’s a Spanish term and it means with whom .some sources believe that this game was originated in Spain and then exported to Mexico.some believe it was originated in Mexico.some have faith that this originally exported to Texas and American southwest   in the last few years of 19th  century. At some point of time the game made its way to England where it became popular as rum(meaning  “queer” or “odd” which is a slang used in England).the game then moved  to the Atlantic where it became popular with the name of “rummy”.


2. Poker Origin Theory


THIS theory indicates that popular game of rummy has its origin from poker which ows this game to have many similarities between poker and rummy game.some of the similarities are in  having shared the same concept of groups and sequences. Apart from this in rummy game cards are combined in the same way as in the poker game. this  theory shows that this game was originally developed from the “whisky poker ” which later become as “rum poker” and then began gaining popularity as just “rum “and  finally as  the “rummy”.


3. Chinese Origin Theory


By this theory we come to know that this very popular card game has its origin in east Asia. This theory in detail explains the similarity between the famous Chinese game “The Chinese Mahjong Game” and rummy. both of these game share the same concept of  drawing and discarding  the card. There are also some other games that help in knowing the history of this game. These game includes “khanhoo” and “kon khin ”.It includes making the combination of cards.

So there are different peoples who support different theories and the most and recent believe is that it was originally originated in United states of America.

Many people are interested in playing this game today and for this they are using the online resources as well besides playing offline.