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It is the another most popular kind of rummy game  that is most popular among the citizens of Jamaica. Kalooki 51.aka Kalookie, Kaluki, Caloochi, Kaloochi or Kalougi are some of famous name of this game.  different games of Kalooki 40 are famous in South Africa, Jamaica, North America and parts of Europe.

It is usually played with two decks of cards and two jokers and very fasionable online game .each card could be of diverse values to diverse players and it depends upon the sequence each of them is aiming. As is usual in Rummy games, players need to meld (i.e. They either need to make set or make target) with total available cards in their hand ,place  them in the meld area of the table. what’s important in this game is leave one card unmelded, to throw away at the end of their turn. In this game a player is not allowed to place his cards until or unless his  points are 51.That is the reason why this game is so named as  Kalooki 51.


Following table describes about the  points in a kalooki40 game  :-

Card                              Value

2                                       2

3                                       3

4                                       4

5                                       5

6                                       6

7                                       7

8                                       8

9                                       9

10                                    10

J                                      10

Q                                     10

K                                     10

A                                     11

Joker                               15


After a player goes out of kalooki an ace or a joker remaining in an opponent’s hand impose 11 and 15 penalty points consecutively .In this game as already mentioned 2 decks of cards are used i.e. total 104 cards and out of these cards 13 is dealt among each player with 2 jokers. Kalooki 40 is played among 2-4 this game as often happens in almost all rummy type games  a player who melds all of his  cards is declared as winner.



Tips to play Kalooki 51


All what is needed in this type of game is just learn the basic skills and make them strong and happen it will improve your confidence level and each and every time you go through game you will find it  thrilling  ,leading and will also give you  some experience all you need is to keep your mind open and cool to deal with every kind of in any rummy game all depends each cards and tactics that you use. it can change the course of game as all you need is focus minded, skilled and having patience to deal with the opponent as they can try to make you impatience to throw out the most needed card by them.