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Players has also have choice to to “lay off” some cards that you have allready melded,this provides a player option to make either sequence or a group.which is already in front of any of the player.So any of players, can do this. For instanse: A player is making  a sequence that is  of 3, 4, and 5 of spade in front of them, player can choose any of the cards to form sequence in above case it may be 2 or 6 of they can continue the sequence from any stage and  would be able to add the earlier or later card. In the another way a player with 3 of a kind, can continue off with the sequence on the field.

In the game of Rummy, the basic rule is to match similar playing cards. This game  is similar to other games such as canasta and maj jong. Today Gin is increasingly becoming popular and is played by people all over the world both online as well as offline.A player should keep in mind the following points following rules during his round while playing this game:


  • He should pick a card either from the card thrown and or  from the hipe of cards on the table.
  • He can add to another person’s meld or play a meld of cards.
  • He should be avoid of a card to the top of the discard pile except under the situation when he has melded all of his cards.


A lay off is A card that extends any meld is known as lay off. Without givng too much importance of who created the meld first, a card can be included to an existing combination. A player in this game can also think about the adding cards to their opponents opponent’s meld.


Is Laying off necessary?


In the game of Rummy laying off is optional. A player can add cards to the melds that have been placed by others or him earlier as we discussed earlier.

According to the rules of the Rummy game, the cards that have been included to a meld should form another legitimate sequence. For instance of there is a run of 7c, 8c, 9c you may further add 6c or 10c. The melds cannot be re-arranged in the process. During the course of turn of a player a player is also permitted to lay off a single or multiple cards at a single point of time during his turn. And a player can lay off any number of card or cards in one turn. Laying off allows a player can  discard the cards by adding cards from their hand to the opponent’s existing melds by using lay off method. A player can lay off only when he has met their melds for the deal. The player should discard the final card to win the deal.