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Melding  word stands for the  making sequence of cards  which also include the same kind either they are of same suit or the same rank. In this sequence of cards there can be more than 2 cards. It also includes laying the cards off in order to get points. Melding is mainly used in rummy game  and  most of the melding games  were played  in ancient time as well with a little difference  from modern melding games.



If we go into the history of card games we find there are hundreds and hundreds  games and  the game which is find out first by the most of  people is  rummy or canasta  among these hundreds and hundreds .melding games are  thought to be came in existence somewhere near around 16th  century when blackjack was also a secret for the most of the peoples. however the exact time period can not be specified as Tridunus and participial at that time deepen its feet in whole Europe and it also started creating in interest in people of North America.



Difficulty of different melding games are different  as one can be easily learnt and other can be difficult to grasp. Games such as Rummy and cribbage can be easily got as a child of 9-10 years is able to play these easy games with its concept. Apart from all these games the real game can vary in the concepts such as melding , stops and with different moves. Usual melds game   such  as rummy and  canasta is regular type of melding game.



In these type of games you have to make an order of cards e.g. 5,6,7 of the same suit or 5’s of the same rank and finally lay off your cards if you have met the certain condition of the game.  Also you have to throw the cards and pick the cards from the heap of cards to make a set or run.  Each card has a value that counts at the end when a player has meld.



To win a game what you need is strategy so strategy  is very important. make your strategy at the beginning of game and keep it till the end. If in between the game you feel a need to change your strategy go ahead don’t hesitate as the main purpose of your planning should be winning the game and keeping your opponent in check. So always make a strategy that is most suited for you. These type of things should always kept in mind by each and every player.