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Among the different variants of Rummy game family Oklahoma Gin is one of the most popular type of game. It’s characteristics match to the Gin rummy. It’s origin  begin  in New York city in 19 century. There are different opinions that this game is named after the drink of its discoverer.

This is a game play of  maximum of four players.In this game ace has the lowest value. This game is played with a full deck of 52 cards and in this game there is no joker.


Result of Oklahoma Gin is not so easy as one new commer or less experienced is thinking of. It is totally thrilling and exciting game and player have to keep his nerves always. So this very Exciting rummy game is decided in the very last moment of the game or a player who made good strategy and tactics is able pull this game towards his side. Only then can players see the total deadwood count of their opponents. There are 3 most popular ways to finish or decide this game as described below




A  player is able to  create a valid meld from all the card that he has in his or her hand and throw the last card to the Knock area. While throwing the card, the opponents’ deadwood count is always helpful in deciding the number of penalty points they receive.




A player is able to create valid melds from the most of the cards that he or she has in his or her hand. In This game The player can not have over 10 of an overall deadwood count . The turn always ends in throwing the card that is not fit in any set or run in a meld to a knock area.




“knocks”, always gives a chance to his or her opponents to get a chance to add cards to the “knocker’s” melds. It is noticeable that  you must  add the cards  directly to the “knocker’s” original melds. If an opponent manages to end the game with a lower deadwood count as compared to  the “knocker’s”, that opponent wins by “undercut”. Undercut turns the outcome of the game around, and the original “knocker” suffers a penalty of 25 points in addition to his or her deadwood count.


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Following table describes about the points in a Oklahoma  game

Card                              Value

2                                      2

3                                      3

4                                      4

5                                      5

6                                      6

7                                      7

8                                      8

9                                      9

10                                  10

J                                    10

Q                                   10

K                                   10

A                                    1