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Rummy 500 most interesting type  of rummy game which give you most  enjoyment  as it give a lots of fun and enjoyment. Scoring  points is one of the objectives of  this game and you have to score 500 points that’s why this game is known as rummy 500. Here are some of the  famous name of this game  such as  Pinochle Rummy, Persian Rummy, 500 Rummy and  500 Rum. This game is a little bit distinct from the other versions of this card game as it is little bit complex and more tricky. Planning involved in this game is also increased significantly.



This game is played with 2-8 players  and a deck of cards and 7 cards are distributed to each player when there are 3 players if 2 players are playing you have to distribute 13 cards. Also  if more then 5 players are playing you have to use 2 different decks ,combine all the cards and then reshuffle them before distributing them. When  deal is done  cards are organized and the player on the left side of card distributor starts scoring and then this game continues. Like all other games different cards has different  values in this game as well  such as all the cards with no from 2 to 9 have 5 points ,cards 10,J,Q,K have  10 points, joker  and all the aces has 15 points. If you are using ace with the cards having no 2 and 3  to make a sequence the points of the ace this will have 5 points.

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In rummy 500 the player who scores 500 points first wins the game and if two or more players in same round  score 500 points the player having more points will be declared as winner. If all players agree you can play the for more then 500 points and also you can make changes such as the points of aces could be reduced to 5 point this is fun of this  game. In this you need to count your score continuously and if you have less time or you don’t want to count the score you can play free style rummy this is the another fun of game. Rules of rummy 500 is almost similar to that of regular rummy. Things you require to play rummy 500 is cards ,pencil or pen and a piece of paper to keep score.



Tips to play rummy 500



Always remind when a  player is in a situation to no discard or few cards remaining in hand  never discard a card with high points as it may destroy your score. Also always keep in mind what card is discarded in the pile so you never  throw the second or third card of the card heap. it’s  never a better idea to pick the cards from the thrown cards as it can give a clear indication to your opponent what you are trying.and also it could be  a gamble that can pay off big for you.When you are in these kind of situation use the best trick you know and also keep an eye on your opponent different cards he is discarding or melding. This will always  keep you  a hand up  in the game.

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