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Promotions and  offers

Regular – Oklahoma,kalooki ,gin rummy  ,traditional rummy rummy  500 and okey are the games included in this regular format. The  main idea behind this tournament is  to provides a healthy competitive environment tow to provide  a large prize money. In this format distribution table is used for payouts and accordance to the player’s  performance during  the entire tournament.

Turbo – In this format  of game you can find the thrill and more dynamic actions. This game has time limit of 30 seconds. These are like the regular one but due to the time limit they are more exciting. These types of games gives additional challenge and  needs player to be  more alert.

Speed – like the  turbo this game is also thrilling and exciting due to the  faster pace. These become more and more unpredictable as  they progress.

Guaranteed – In this type of game as the name indicates a predetermined guaranteed prize and it does not depends up on the registered players. So you can say that in this type of game stacked player amount counts towards the pool of prize if the players registered are not enough rummy royal will  make the rest. If in case the players accumulated stack exceeds the predetermined guaranteed prize the prize will increase correspondingly.

Added prize – in this type of tournaments the rummy royal adds a specific amount to the  accumulated prize money. Suppose a  $14 tournaments is played by the  40 players and has an added prize amount of $ 50  the total prize pool will be   $290 instead of $240.

Rebuy – it is a multi table game tournament in which the players who were left earlier is allowed in the game with their initial chips. The no rebuys for each player and level of rebuy  is also decided in this game.

Royal stars – each month rummy royal sets a multitable tournament for all the rummy royal club members.all  these members are invited by the royal rummy  society where they can convert their accumulated royal stars in to cash.You should also notice that all the right to change or withdraw the promotions at any instance of time is with the rummy royal management team.