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Rummy is a popular game and is played by the 2 or more players online and offline both.And all the big tycoons in  this profession  knows how to play this  game well.If you are thinking that how it can happen it is very simple just be the master of rules and then you will be a pro of this game and success will follow you. by knowing the rules the one who is new in this filed is can become a familiar name very soon. So  by using the basic game rules and strategies a  new comer can also play  this game very well and accept challenges.



Rule to start game


Like in all other prospectus of life to begin a new must focus on its simple and basic rule.

Same is for the players  of  they must follow the basic and simple rules if they want to achieve the success  soon. It can help you if you want to increase your skills. No of decks that are used in different games of rummy totally depends upon the players in the game.e.g. for 2 players 1 deck is used ,for 3-4 players 2 decks are used and for 5-6 players 3decks are used.


Game starts with the distributing 13 cards to each player. Remaining  cards are placed on the table keeping the face down.and talking about the joker in this  game you can’t use the joker if you are going to create a set of 4 cards of same suit.for all other 3-4 card set you can use the joker.every players continues his turn by withdrawing each card from table and discarding the one that is not needed by him. And game continues in  the same way until a  player creates the set of 4 cards with two different 3 cards set.


Cutting card is also very important .The player next to dealer cuts the card and game  is also started with the player who cuts the card. picks a card from the table and discards the one.After this every player has an option either to pick a card from the heap of cards on the table with face down or he can choose to pick a card thrown by the player just before him. The throwing of card depends on the player, one can always choose to throw the card which is of no use to him means it is not in use to him for making any set or run. This game continues in the same way till the stage until any of the players in the game have made the set using  the cards in  hand.The winner will discard last card with face up and show set of card to other players. The left cards remaining  in their hands decides the penalty points scored by the rest of the card should be thrown when ending the game.if game is not ended and the pile of cards are over they can shuffle it and continue to next round to end the game.