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It is  outstanding card game because it is played with the very simple rules and people’s are playing it from  almost two hundred years. This traditional game is really simple to play, it gives an thrilling experience and  with very much fun.This game of rummy is played with the help of services of the best  and wonderful online rummy website,   Such as online Rummy cash, that has best knowledge and great experience in providing top and attractive  services  to all of its customers.
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If People know how to play rummy then definitely people will know how to play This online game because  this game has the features of all the leading online rummy games.people must know that this game can be played between 2-4 players by using a deck of cards without joker.


No of cards dealt among different peoples at a time is as follows and a rummy player should know it.


Number of players          Number of cards dealt

2 players                               10 cards

3 or 4 players                        7 cards

5 or 6 players                        6 cards



Aim of the Game   


The object of the game is to complete a hand consisting of most or all of the cards formed into Sets and/or  Runs. A Run (sequence) is comprised of three or more cards bearing the same suit and in consecutive Order such as for example:


Example of a Valid Run                 Example of an Invalid Run

3 4 5(same suit)                                3 4 5    (Different suit)

4 5 6 7 8 (same suit)                         4 5 6 7 8(Different suit)


A Set, on the other side, is a collection of three or four cards that are identical rank of different suits, such as for example:


Example of a Valid Set    Example of an Invalid Set

3 3 3                                       A A 2

9 9 9 9                                    K K Q


A card can be used only once – either in a Set or in a Run. You cannot use the same card for both a Run and  a Set.


Tips to play this game:-This game needs very high skill,concentration ,strategy and tactics in every single turn. As the game goes on every single decision made by a player influences the game and  finally its every  single step and every decision is very important and one should make  his decision with a cool mind and using the best of his past experience.this game can be terminated after 1 or 3 round. after  each and every round the points of the players are counted and when a agreed point is reached the player with the highest point is declared as winner.